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What is Enactive Dao?

Enactive Dao is a modern interpretation and application of ancient Daoist principles that aims to cultivate a deeper connection with oneself, others, and the natural world. It is not merely a philosophical concept but an experiential and embodied practice that encourages a holistic way of living and psychological well-being.

Enactive Dao uses a multifaceted approach to personal and communal development, emphasizing the importance of the Three Treasures (Kindness, Moderation, Humility), the Three Sacred Gifts (Acceptance, Compassion, Forgiveness), and the Ten Processes (Embodied Awareness, Effortless Action & Non-Striving, Attention to Detail, Cultivate Harmony & Interconnectedness, Embracing Paradox, Playfulness and Creativity, Embracing Change and Impermanence, Connecting to Nature and the Natural Order, Contemplation and Stillness, and Embodying a World).

Key concepts of Enactive Dao include embracing paradox, cultivating embodied awareness, and maintaining a playful and creative spirit. Other notable practices involve finding harmony in interconnectedness, connecting deeply with nature, and embodying the world in a responsible and thoughtful manner.

This spiritual and philosophical path also offers a communal structure, with an annual calendar of holidays to observe various aspects of Daoist philosophy, and a membership that supports and encourages personal and collective growth. This framework helps members experience the full depth of Daoist principles in a modern, accessible, and engaging manner.

It's an enriching journey that encourages exploration, growth, and a profound connection with Dao—the natural way of the universe. It's a system that seeks to align individuals with the harmonious flow of life, fostering a sense of peace, fulfilment, and deep understanding of the world and one's place within it.

Is it Safe?

Enactive Dao, by its nature and design, does not have the characteristics of a cult or a money-making scheme. It is not a group that exploits its members for personal gain, nor is it a structure that exerts manipulative control over its members. Rather, it’s a philosophical and spiritual path built on the foundation of personal and communal growth.

The founder's quote encapsulates the spirit of Enactive Dao:

"I am just doing this for my own spiritual development. I don't have the kind of energy to devote to the kind of black magik that takes advantage of people. This is just something I do for my own health and I want to share it, not manage it, or use it for harm. I don't really want to be involved in how other people practice it. I would rather be in the woods picking mushrooms."

The intention behind Enactive Dao is one of sharing, not controlling or profiting. It is not intended to be a source of exploitation or power, but rather a means of personal and collective development based on ancient Daoist principles. The founder’s desire to focus on personal growth and the pursuit of natural wisdom, rather than orchestrating the practice of others, attests to the purity of intention behind Enactive Dao. Instead of a rigid hierarchy or dogma, Enactive Dao provides a platform for its members to explore Daoist teachings in a way that resonates with them personally. The founder's goal is not to preside over others but to provide a well-structured framework for members to engage with Daoist principles, encouraging them to understand and apply these principles within the context of their own lives.

In essence, Enactive Dao is a non-dogmatic, non-political, and freely accessible path to personal growth and communal harmony. It’s an invitation to a journey, not a command to follow a preordained path. It emphasizes the individual’s own experience, intuition, and understanding in exploring the wisdom of Daoism, fostering an environment of freedom, harmony, and mutual respect.

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