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What Does It Mean That Enactive Dao Isn't Dogmatic?

When we say that Enactive Dao is not dogmatic, we mean that it does not rigidly prescribe a specific set of beliefs or practices that must be adhered to without question. Instead, Enactive Dao is fundamentally about embracing individual experiences, sense-making, and personal growth.

In dogmatic systems, individuals are often required to subscribe to a specific set of rules or beliefs and there is generally little room for interpretation or deviation. These systems can sometimes discourage questioning, exploration, or personal adaptation.

In contrast, Enactive Dao emphasizes personal exploration, flexibility, and the application of principles to one's own life based on individual understanding and experiences. The practices and principles of Enactive Dao are offered as guides to help individuals navigate their personal journey, rather than as strict laws or commandments.

This non-dogmatic nature allows for adaptability, personal growth, and evolution, as individuals are encouraged to continually engage with the teachings and adapt them based on their experiences and insights. This flexibility and openness to personal interpretation are what make Enactive Dao a living, evolving practice that respects individual autonomy and personal growth.

This is not to say that anything goes in Enactive Dao. There are still core principles and practices, like The Three Treasures, The Three Sacred Gifts, balance and harmony, ecological awareness, or the integration of body and mind. However, the interpretation and application of these principles are left open to individuals, encouraging an active engagement with the teachings rather than passive acceptance. No one will make progress with Enactive Dao if they are thinking and experimenting for themselves. It's a path of discovery, encouraging each individual to find their own way within the broad guidelines provided by the practice.

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