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Lunar Intimacy Practices

It's essential to understand that in the context of Enactive Dao, sexuality is seen as a natural, powerful, and profound aspect of human existence. It can be an avenue for deep connection, pleasure, creativity, and spiritual growth. The key is to approach it with respect, consent, mindfulness, and an understanding of its place within the larger flow of life's energies. Here's how the lunar phases might be integrated into a sexual practice in line with Enactive Dao principles:

Phase 1: New Moon (New Beginnings)

  • Practice: Spend time in quiet intimacy with your partner, connecting without the goal of arousal or orgasm. This might involve holding each other, gentle touch, or simply sitting together in silence.

Phase 2: Waxing Crescent (Setting Foundations)

  • Practice: Begin exploring touch and arousal in a more focused way. This could involve sensual massage, exploring new erogenous zones, or experimenting with different types of touch.

Phase 3: First Quarter (Action and Challenges)

  • Practice: Engage in sexual activity with the intention of reaching climax, but take time to navigate challenges or obstacles that might arise, like performance anxiety, physical discomfort, or emotional vulnerability.

Phase 4: Waxing Gibbous (Refinement)

  • Practice: Experiment with methods of sexual activity that help build and refine your connection with your partner, like tantra, synchronized breathing, or prolonged foreplay.

Phase 5: Full Moon (Harvesting and Gratitude)

  • Practice: Engage in sexual activity with the goal of shared orgasm, celebrating the peak of the lunar cycle and expressing gratitude for the connection, pleasure, and abundance it symbolizes.

Phase 6: Waning Gibbous (Sharing and Giving)

  • Practice: Focus on providing pleasure to your partner, giving without the expectation of receiving in return.

Phase 7: Last Quarter (Release and Letting Go)

  • Practice: Explore practices of sexual release that also involve letting go of tension, blockages, or patterns that no longer serve you, such as specific tantric practices or focused masturbation.

Phase 8: Waning Crescent (Rest and Restoration)

  • Practice: Embrace rest and non-sexual physical connection with your partner, giving your bodies time to recuperate and restore.

In all these practices, the guiding principles of Enactive Dao – engaged practice, embrace of change and flow, balance and harmony, ecological awareness, and integration of body and mind – should be at the forefront. The exact nature of the practices will depend on the individuals involved and their comfort, consent, and specific desires and boundaries.

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