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Foundational Elements of Enactive Dao

Enactive Dao is all about engaging with life. These are the five foundational elements.

1. Engaged Practice: An enactive approach suggests direct engagement with the world, as opposed to abstract theorizing. So, the spiritual practices of Enactive Dao involve mindfulness exercises, meditation techniques, physical movements, or rituals designed to help practitioners directly experience and engage with Dao.

2. Embrace of Change and Flow: Enactive Dao emphasizes flexibility, adaptability, and acceptance of change. This might be reflected in an openness to evolving practices and ways of being, and on navigating life's changes smoothly and effortlessly.

3. Balance and Harmony: Enactive Dao stresses the balance of opposites, represented in the concept of Yin and Yang. An Enactive Dao encourages harmony and balance in all aspects of life - mental, physical, social, environmental, etc.

4. Ecological Awareness: Since an enactive approach involves a deep engagement with one's environment, a strong ecological and environmental connection encourages sustainable living and respect for nature.

5. Integration of Body and Mind: The enactive approach to cognition suggests a close relationship between body and mind. Enactive Dao therefore emphasizes practices that integrate physical and mental health, such as forest bathing and tai chi.

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