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Enactive Dao Assessment

Here's an idea for a self-assessment tool for progress as an Enactive Dao member. Remember, self-assessment is highly subjective, and this tool is meant to encourage reflection rather than measure or compare performances.

Enactive Dao Progress Assessment Please rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being least reflective of you, 5 being most reflective) for each statement. It's important to answer honestly rather than how you think you 'should' respond.

The Three Treasures

  1. Kindness (慈): I consciously practice kindness towards myself and others.

  2. Moderation (俭): I strive to balance my desires and live moderately.

  3. Humility (不敢为天下先): I recognize the value in others and don't see myself as superior.

The Three Sacred Gifts

  1. Acceptance (接受): I accept myself, others, and circumstances as they are, without harsh judgment.

  2. Compassion (爱心): I feel genuine empathy for others' struggles and strive to alleviate their suffering.

  3. Forgiveness (鉴谅): I am able to forgive myself and others, letting go of resentment and grudges.

The Ten Processes

  1. Embodied Awareness: I am in tune with my body and aware of its responses to my environment.

  2. Effortless Action & Non-Striving (Wu Wei): I can act without forcing or pushing against the flow of life.

  3. Attention to Detail: I can focus on the small details of life, finding joy in simplicity.

  4. Cultivate Harmony & Interconnectedness: I feel a deep sense of connection with everything around me.

  5. Embracing Paradox: I can hold and reconcile conflicting ideas, understanding life's inherent contradictions.

  6. Playfulness and Creativity: I embrace play and creativity in my daily life.

  7. Embracing Change and Impermanence: I am comfortable with change and the transient nature of life.

  8. Connecting to Nature and the Natural Order: I feel a strong bond with nature and make time to immerse myself in it.

  9. Contemplation and Stillness: I take time for quiet reflection and stillness.

  10. Embodying a World: I strive to bring my beliefs and actions into alignment, making my world reflect my values.

Add up your scores for a rough idea of where you are currently on your Enactive Dao journey. Remember, this is a tool for reflection and not an exam. There are no pass or fail scores, just a way to get a snapshot of where you might focus your growth. Revisit this assessment periodically, every few months perhaps, to see how your journey is evolving.

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