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Do you yearn for harmony with nature, self, and others? If so, consider joining the Enactive Dao community by clicking the "Sign-Up" link at the top.

Enactive Dao offers a unique fusion of ancient wisdom and contemporary understanding, a way of life that embraces the flux and flow of existence, rather than resisting it. As a member, you will be encouraged to engage fully with life, immersing yourself in the natural rhythms of the universe and finding harmony within its ebb and flow.

We believe in balance, not only within ourselves but also in our relationship with the world around us. Enactive Dao encourages a mindful way of living that cherishes and respects our interconnectedness. This ecological consciousness prompts us to make decisions that benefit not just ourselves but also our community and environment.

Enactive Dao will help you cultivate this holistic integration of body and mind, promoting well-being, resilience, and a deep sense of connection. In our community, you will find yourself amidst like-minded individuals who are all on this journey of continuous growth, transformation, and discovery.



Enactive Dao's mission is to guide individuals towards a balanced and mindful life, integrating Daoist wisdom, modern psychotherapy, and enactive cognition. We are committed to nurturing a community that embodies ecological awareness, cultivates resilience, and fosters global compassion and sustainability.


Our vision at Enactive Dao is to cultivate a global community that values holistic well-being, respects the interconnectivity of life, and acts with a deep understanding of our ecological network, contributing to a healthier, compassionate, and sustainable world.

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