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Enactive Dao is like an epic choose-your-own-adventure where the choices are yours, but the story is part of something much bigger. It's an exciting journey of living fully, exploring the grand dance between ourselves and the world around us. To practice Enactive Dao is like becoming a mindful artist, painting your own life with broad strokes of compassion, balance, and interconnectedness, all while sinking into the groove of the rhythm of life's constant changes. It's not about having all the answers, but about asking beautiful questions. With Enactive Dao, every day becomes a chance to celebrate life's grand adventure, to connect deeply with the world, and to embrace the magnificent flow of existence. Ready to join the dance?

About the Name

"Dao" refers to the Chinese concept of the "Way" or "Path" that represents the natural order of the universe. "Enactive" emphasizes the role of embodied experience and active engagement with the environment in shaping cognition and perception.

Therefore, "Enactive Dao" integrates the notion of Dao with the idea that our understanding of the world is shaped through our active and embodied interactions with it. The realization or understanding of Dao comes not solely from passive observation but from an active and engaged participation with the world around us.



Ian Felton began studying the Daodejing at an early age. After decades of absorbing Daoism, taiji (the physical manifestation of Dao), Chinese language, cognitive science and psychotherapy, he embarked on an experiment to create a modern spiritual practice that he might benefit from (and hopefully others). These resources are the result of that research and experimentation.

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